Let’s talk about why Blacks kill each other

A picture of earth from space

Amidst the recent news of #Ferguson and #TrayvonMartin perhaps we need to take time to reflect on what it means to be a human being.

I wish we would talk about the reasons why Blacks kill each other. However, for this conversation to be fruitful it must be Global, not a monologue. One day perhaps?

Until then here are my thoughts on the topic of human race conflicts as it relates to Blacks or any race for that matter.

First, it amuses me that every time a Black man is wrongly killed by the police, some people hurry to quote statistics of how many times Blacks kill each other. Although I find truly unfortunate the killing that happens within the Black community (or any community for that matter), understanding the root of the problem is usually the first right step in solving it.

It’s utterly convenient to say “Oh look at how much those Black people kill each other” but understanding the question “Why do so many Blacks kill each other” would point to a series of events for which as a global society we’ve yet to reconcile ourselves.

These are not small problems to fix, they took centuries to create and although passing the blame gets us nowhere, responsibilities must be taken. Unless we’re serious about addressing the issues then we shouldn’t pretend taking the consequences seriously. That’s hypocrisy, which even in its mildest nature only creates or fosters havoc.

The difference between human beings regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation or whatever characteristics is incredibly small. I therefore find it ridiculous that as an evolved race (like we so proudly call ourselves) we still find reasons to kill each other.

Earth is so beautiful from outer space (I’ve attached a pic). Each one of us carries that beauty. I’d hope we focus on it rather than the infinitely small percentage of our genome that differentiates us.

But again, I won’t hold my breadth.

Stay beautiful.

Photo credit: Wallpaperswide.com


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