Samsung’s new print ad comparing features of the Galaxy S III is pretty bold. It kind of reminds me of Don Draper’s ad “Why I’m Quitting Tobacco” in the New York Times on MadMen. The ad appeals to our “intelligence”, as the Galaxy S III clearly shows a longer list of features than the iPhone 5, which topped  2 million units pre-ordered in one day. I very much like Samsung’s ad and I wished more companies would be as bold but one thing Samsung seems to have forgotten is that “intelligence” is never what made us purchase iPhones or Macs in the first place. And that is one thing Steve Jobs understood.

Samsung's print ad comparing Galaxy S III to the iPhone 5

Samsung’s print ad comparing Galaxy S III to the iPhone 5


As a part of its latest efforts to make Google+ more social (meaning nowadays “picture friendly”), Google has acquired Nik Software, the German firm that developed Snapseed. Snapseed seeks to “take the digital innovations pioneered for photography professionals and bring them to everyone.”

As Vic Gundotra, Google+ Senior VP of Engineering, puts it, “we want to help our users create photos they absolutely love, and in our experience Nik does this better than anyone.”

I wonder how Instagram and Facebook feel about that.

Read the full post at The Verge.

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