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Prior to the general consumption of the Internet, let’s say early 1990s, if you’d asked most people what they thought of the social behavior of humans they would have said we’re pretty reserved people, at least in public.

I mean no one would expect you to just walk up to people and show videos of you “twerking” in your underwear. Right?

It’s now 2014 and one thing that the Internet has taught us over the past 10 years is that we were wrong. We were DEAD WRONG.

Humans, at least many of them, are not the shy and reserved people we see them as, especially when they log on a computer. They LOVE to share! They love it so much that they particularly desire no incentive to do so, except the attention, which I guess can be a pretty strong motivator in a society obsessed with self-worth.

They love to share videos of them dancing in their underwear (or their pets singing) (YouTube)

They love to share pictures of themselves in spandex at the gym (Instagram)

They love to share their brain farts. Disclaimer: Not all brain farts stink, some can actually be quite pleasant. (Twitter)

They love to share pictures of things they discover on the Internet (Pinterest)

They love to share their daily activities (Facebook)

Wow… who would have thought?

Investors have also bought on the craze – just look at the multi-billion dollar valuations that are given to all these social networking companies for which the product has no to very little positive economic impact for most of their users.

But there is one thing more important than twerking videos, spandex, or brain farts that they’d love to share — their innovations? Why? Because there are economic opportunities attached to them.

If you’re working on a startup or just patented a garage invention, there are incentives for you to share them: you can attract users/customers, you can attract investors, and you can attract talent (just to name a few).

That’s the problem innovators globally face and we at Miigle want to help make their lives easier by building a technology that reduces the amount of time, money, and energy it takes them to connect with the right people for help.

Miigle is the platform for people who are innovating, want to create better economic opportunities for themselves, and help others along the way.

Luc Berlin, CEO at


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Ever think “I’m bored and want to go do something in exciting, cool, adventurous, crazy or funky! But WHAT SHOULD I DOOOO?” Don’t worry you’re not alone. This phrase, sentiment, or whatever you want to call it has plagued mankind for as long as we know, but let’s be modest and say since the popular rise of the Internet.

Well meet Offline, a platform that inspires people to LIVE, EXPLORE, KILL THEIR BOREDOM. Offline is a simple and fun way for adventurers, world travelers, and thrill seekers to share and discover cool, crazy, inspiring activities and adventures shared through pictures and videos. Adventurers get a platform to showcase their awesomeness and the rest of the world gets inspired to grow their bucket list.

Offline members will be able to record their activities along with attached images and videos on their personal page e.g. 

Offline also does something very unique, it captures the length of time spent on the activity, the dates, location and other meta data.

Offline Splash Mockup

What makes Offline appealing is how niche it is – we eliminated all of the noise you find on other social sharing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With Offline, you know exactly what you are getting — cool, memorable, fun, crazy and inspiring activities (the type that makes you say “shit, I want to do that”) people around the world are doing when they unplug, nothing else.

As proof of this, every post on Offline has the same sentence structure: Gone offline to [enter activity] for [enter duration]. e.g. Gone offline to scuba dive with whale sharks for 2 hours. Offline then curates posts based on their trending popularity and other factors.

In the near future Offline members will be able to give Offline a time frame e.g. 2 hours and receive recommendations of activities to do based on their personal history and popular activities done by other members within a 2-hour period.

The goal of Offline is simple, make it easier for people to experience and enjoy the world around them.

To build Offline I partnered with John Pavlick with whom I also cofounded Miigle.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter @IsOfflineApp and Like our Facebook page. Don’t forget to say Hello. We live and die by the hashtag #IAmOff


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