Great article. To keep it simple, I believe what the author states “innovating better” he’s referring to the overall value of the innovation in relation to society. For example, he says the US does well at inventing, this is true but we are great at inventing the likes of Facebook and Snapchat which don’t have as great of an impact as lets say renewable energy.

There’s no greater evidence of this than when you look at the types of innovations being reported in the news, most are trivial and have little to no value in benefiting the economic state of all our citizens.


Miigle founders Luc Berlin (CEO) and Josh Fester (CTO) talk about the vision behind Miigle and the opportunities humans have to achieve greater things now than ever before.

As I watched an amazingly boring Super Bowl XLVIII this evening, one commercial absolutely touched my heart. Sure, the genius of combining puppies with horses was an unavoidable cuteness overload but one subtle message I also got from Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” commercial was that when you create something that helps and brings joy to people, the day eventually comes, perhaps when you least expect it, when they return the favor.

Well done!


The Southern California Story Networking Event Poster

The Southern California Story Networking Event

This part Thursday, I was honored to be a guest speaker at a great networking event The Southern California  Story – A Narrative of Successful Networkers and Entrepreneurs alongside networking expert Mark Sackett. As I contemplated how to position my speech, I decided to look at my own networking experience and how my affinity towards EVERYTHING international has helped me make amazing professional and personal connections.

I focused my speech on the importance of networking beyond just around-the-corner Meetup events but really looking at the entire world as a networking community. As an entrepreneur and an avid traveler, I’ve personally benefited from this greatly. I explained how the world is changing and as more of us are “forced” (this is not a bad thing) to turn to our own creativity to create better economic opportunities for ourselves, many of the relationships we’ll need to foster to help us succeed will be with people not from our neighborhoods, cities, country, or even continents.

I have already experienced it with my startup Miigle, which is a global social network for established and aspiring entrepreneurs, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s one of the big reasons why I created Miigle in the first place. I wanted to empower people to materialize their ingenuity and I believed making it easier for people to connect globally based on their interests would be a great catalyst.

As a final take-away networking is extremely important but my recommendation is to find ways to expand those networks globally. The experiences you’ll gain will be invaluable and as the world continues to change you’ll find yourself at the forefront of it all. It’s a great feeling – Trust Me!

Thank you Helene Vo and Albert Qian for inviting me to your event!

Stay Driven.

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