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A couple of weeks ago, I had a delightful lunch meeting with Helene Vo from TechZulu. Helene is a good friend of mine, one that I admire tremendously I must add. Our meeting was a cozy interview where I got the opportunity to talk about what entrepreneurship means to me and explain my previous statements that the entrepreneurial process globally, yes including here in the U.S. not just abroad, is broken and needs fixing.

Nearly two years ago, I began working on a startup I called Miigle (, which is a global social collaboration platform that allows people to develop their ideas or grow their startups by connecting with other entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, potential product users who share their interests and want to help. Miigle was my solution to the woes, many of them unnecessary, that entrepreneurs around the world faced or experienced.

While most platforms that foster innovation are placing their bet on the funding aspect (understandably so), I’ve decided to place my bet on the people, our diversity, and collective knowledge. Let’s just say I’m a fan of long term strategies.

Sure, money matters and by no means am I trying to diminish its importance but I didn’t find it to be the key piece in this puzzle. I think ideas or projects that are developed more organically, meaning through people, where money is not the primary catalyst not only succeed but also thrive and stand the test of time. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that WE needed to rewrite the human innovation equation.

What does this mean? To find out, read my response below to Helene’s question on how I came up with the idea of Miigle.

HV: Tell me about Miigle. How did you come up with the idea?

LB: The idea of Miigle was born when trying to solve two problems:

1) How can the process of turning ideas into something concrete be made easier and quicker?

2) How can we leverage resources as a community (by community, I mean a global community of people with different talents and interests) to help entrepreneurs grow their startups?

Coming up with an idea is relatively, easy. Anyone can do it. On the other hand, executing on one can be difficult, time consuming, and frustrating, most of it needlessly so. I want to change that.

What Miigle does is make it easier for entrepreneurs to grow their ideas and startups by connecting them with people including other entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, potential product users who share their interests and want to help.  Making these connections with the right audience is key to an entrepreneur’s success. In the real world it could take you months if not years, but Miigle makes it happen automatically, quite literally in seconds, thus making the process much simpler and faster.

It starts with recognizing that nurturing an idea requires more than just money and that people who can’t be financial investors may still have a lot to offer to an entrepreneur or startups. When people look at ways to introduce their ideas to the world, they think of investors and mentors, and rarely ask the general public for their feedback and ideas. Never mind that these are the people you expect to be using your product, yet they are the most neglected. And when I say neglected, it’s not so much in terms of ‘how can I make these products better so you can buy it? ’ No. You don’t address them that as potential consumers, but rather as peers, people who have ideas of their own. This can be done through Miigle.

Read the full interview on TechZulu: Miigle up! | Interview with Luc Berlin Founder/CEO & Netrepreneur

Miigle is still in its prototype stage but the response we’ve received from the global community has been resoundingly positive. We’ve received messages from people in Latin America,  Europe, and Asia saying how they love our vision of a place where people can collaborate and contribute in their own ways to the advancement of human innovation regardless of where it takes flight and have the ability to leverage other resources such as knowledge and talent as a global community of innovators.

Miigle’s full launch is scheduled for Spring 2013 (that is if the interpretation of the Mayan calendar proves to be off).

The Southern California Story Networking Event Poster

The Southern California Story Networking Event

This part Thursday, I was honored to be a guest speaker at a great networking event The Southern California  Story – A Narrative of Successful Networkers and Entrepreneurs alongside networking expert Mark Sackett. As I contemplated how to position my speech, I decided to look at my own networking experience and how my affinity towards EVERYTHING international has helped me make amazing professional and personal connections.

I focused my speech on the importance of networking beyond just around-the-corner Meetup events but really looking at the entire world as a networking community. As an entrepreneur and an avid traveler, I’ve personally benefited from this greatly. I explained how the world is changing and as more of us are “forced” (this is not a bad thing) to turn to our own creativity to create better economic opportunities for ourselves, many of the relationships we’ll need to foster to help us succeed will be with people not from our neighborhoods, cities, country, or even continents.

I have already experienced it with my startup Miigle, which is a global social network for established and aspiring entrepreneurs, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It’s one of the big reasons why I created Miigle in the first place. I wanted to empower people to materialize their ingenuity and I believed making it easier for people to connect globally based on their interests would be a great catalyst.

As a final take-away networking is extremely important but my recommendation is to find ways to expand those networks globally. The experiences you’ll gain will be invaluable and as the world continues to change you’ll find yourself at the forefront of it all. It’s a great feeling – Trust Me!

Thank you Helene Vo and Albert Qian for inviting me to your event!

Stay Driven.

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